Comparison of Precipitated Barium Sulfate and Titanium Dioxide


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Titanium dioxide is currently recognized as the best white pigment, of course, the best means the most expensive! Titanium dioxide production is subject to environmental pressure, the price is high. The discussion about the substitution of titanium dioxide is getting more intense.

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Titanium dioxide is a pigment rather than a filler, while barium sulfate precipitated is a filler that can be used as pigment. But if we are talking about the substitution of titanium dioxide, it has to take precipitated barium sulfate into consideration, natural barium sulfate can’t match the quality of titanium dioxide. I will elaborate on the difference between titanium dioxide and precipitated barium sulfate in functional features, purposes, etc.


1. Characteristics

Precipitated barium sulfate

No quartz, high whiteness, low oil absorption, low wear index, low viscosity, narrow particle size distribution, high gloss, acid and alkali resistance, excellent transparency, excellent UV insulation, good sun and weather resistance,In addition, its particle size is small. The coating surface treatment has strong dispersion performance. It can completely extend the agglomerated TiO2 particle size, effectively isolate the agglomeration of pigment particles, reduce the use of titanium dioxide pigment, improve the printing adaptability. When the filling amount is less than 15%, the transparency is basically not affected.

Rutile titanium dioxide (R type)

The white pigment of titanium dioxide (TiO2): good weatherability, water resistance. It is not yellowing. The whiteness is slightly worse. But it has strong coloring power.


2. Specific gravity

Precipitated barium sulfate4.5

Rutile titanium dioxide (R type)4.26


3. Particle diameter as D50

Precipitated barium sulfate<0.4μm

Rutile titanium dioxide (R type)<0.3μm

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4. Applications

Precipitated barium sulfate

Film blowing grade, plastic bag, plastic film, agricultural film, titanium dioxide additive, weather resistant high gloss paint, modified plastic, color masterbatch, industrial coating, electrophoretic paint, anti X-ray radiation product, ink, non-woven fabric, composite material, meet FDA requirements.


Rutile titanium dioxide (R type)

Building paint, exterior wall paint, industrial paint, anticorrosive paint, ink, powder paint


5. Price

Precipitated barium sulfate: USD500/MT

Rutile titanium dioxide (R type): USD1600/MT  


Barium sulfate can increase the efficiency and reduce the amount of titanium dioxide, which has obvious economic benefits. It can be used as a gasket (skeleton material) for titanium dioxide and pigment in plastics, which can reduce the amount of pigment added and save about 10% of the cost. It can also provide the advantages of high gloss, good color phase, scratch resistance, and dimensional stability. Zinc oxide and barium sulfate are post-treatment agents, whitening. Because titanium dioxide is the closest to barium sulfate, barium sulfate must be precipitated barium sulfate, not natural. Barium sulfate is used in the plastic industry, can be used as the filler of plastic ABS raw materials, can also be used in chips and mahjong to make the product shiny and bright, and can also improve the strength, rigidity and wear resistance of the product. It can be used in the rubber industry as filler, reduce cost, improve hardness, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, etc. it also has a good reinforcing effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber.



























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