Japanese Initial Order Successfully Delivered


In 2019, the market of barite is very hot and the market demand is continuous. In addition to the European market, the high-end barite application market of Japan and South Korea has always been our development focus. When 2020 comes, we have successfully signed an order for painting grade barite with Japanese client, and barite products have successfully entered the international market in Europe and Asia. Recently, we have completed the delivery of the first Japanese painting grade order.

For this order, Japanese client purchased high whiteness painting grade barite. The goods were transported from the mine to the port by truck, and then a series of operations such as loading and changing cabinets were completed at the wharf. In order to ensure the quality of goods delivery, we strictly control each link and try to avoid secondary pollution of products.

Product Unloading

01-barite export-JANPAN-PAINT GRADE-9X MINERALS.png

Products Inspection 

02-barite export-JANPAN-PAINT GRADE-9X MINERALS.png 

Loading in Container

03-barite export-JANPAN-PAINT GRADE-9X MINERALS.png 

Finish Loading

04-barite export-JANPAN-PAINT GRADE-9X MINERALS.png 

The successful delivery of this order not only broadens our international sales market, but also lays a foundation for the production and sales of Lijiashan barite mine. In 2020, we will make great strides, European customers will continue to place orders, the completion of first Japanese order, under discussion orders. Where is next?


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