Why does the superfine barium sulfate be the "Wing" of the coating industry?



As for the barytes, which is composited with barium sulfate is the most common mineral in industrial production. Usually the barite is presented in the form of crystal, such as tubular, so the barite can be gathered to show the form of rose. In addition, barite also has many colors, such as pale white, light yellow, etc.


In the paint industry, barite powder can as the filler and increase film thickness, strength and durability. Lithopone pigment is also used to make white paint, which has more advantages in indoor use than lead white and magnesium white. Barite for paint industry requires sufficient fineness and high whiteness. The paper industry, rubber and plastics industry also use barite as filler, which can improve the hardness, wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber and plastics. The barite filler for rubber and paper industry generally requires BaSO4 greater than 98%, CaO less than 0.36%, and not containing Magnesium Oxide and lead.

1. Lacquer and thick slurry coating

The high filling properties of barite powder can be applied to all coating series, such as all types of primer, thick slurry coating, etc., with low surface area and particle size division and mobility, which make barite powder with low wear resistance during processing. Barium sulfate is recommended for automatic primer surface layer, even when high filling is also maintained. Good uniformity and smoothness.

2. Surface finish

Barite powder is superior to most other filler, especially in chemical resistant coating. Its inertness, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic intermediation. Excellent gloss and fineness of particles enable the topcoat to be protected during long-term exposure. Barium sulfate is recommended for topcoat, which can increase surface hardness, color and stability.

3.emulsion paint

Barite powder can only be used for latex paint because of its weight. It is mainly used for high gloss and silk varnish, and has the title of "acid resistant" emulsion paint. It has acid resistance even when exposed. The dispersibility of barite powder, its optically active and easy retention can increase its chemical properties. Barium sulfate can be used for high gloss and latex paints.

4. Printing Ink

Low wear, high gloss and color stability, low coacervation, and combined with its mobility make barite powder suitable for high quality printing inks. Barium sulfate is recommended for high rotation ink.

5.Wood products and paints

Barite powder has the characteristics of low cohesion, low light dispersion and fine particles. It is especially suitable for pigment topcoat, varnish, spray paint and so on. According to the research, barium sulfate is resistant to chemical and weathering.

Powder coatings: used in powder coatings, barite powder can improve its gloss, fluidity, filling and compatibility with different kinds of pigments.

Adhesives: good rheological properties, high filling and chemical resistance, making barium sulfate suitable for adhesives, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane systems.

Elastomer, seal: it is especially suitable for elastic body. It does not contain any heavy metal pollution or rubber poison gas, so it is especially suitable for food and medicine, and it can provide its stability and aging resistance.

Thermosetting body: Barite powder is inert, color stability, and other pigment combination can obtain better luster, mechanical properties and low wear resistance.

Thermoplastics: thermal conductivity and fluidity can reduce the injection forming time. Barium sulfate can be used as nucleating agent to improve its strength.

6. Degree and thermal stability

Pigment: the reflection of light can keep the complete color of the pigment

Paper coatings: it can increase its gloss and fluidity, such as the white transparent color paper in the art paper. The titanium dioxide can be replaced by barium sulfate with double preparation without loss of glossiness.


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