Exporting sluggish? 9X Minerals delivered Spain and Japan order at same time


The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has brought a lot of impact on exporting. Under the severe challenge of the situation, it is the focus of export enterprises to control the risk of performance. Recently, our company has successfully delivered barite export orders from Japan and Spain, with a contract value of nearly one million. Subsequent orders will be delivered one after another. Both orders are delivered at the same time and the customers are from countries with severe COVID-19 epidemic situation, which is a huge challenge for enterprises. We are well prepared and successfully complete the contract delivery.

1. Pay attention to performance risk and keep communication with customers

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the delivery of these orders is facing the problem of delay. Before signing the contract, we have communicated and negotiated with customers in advance to confirm and adjust the delivery time, so as to avoid the problem of failure to perform the contract.

2. Pay attention to supply chain risks and make plans in time

The resumption of work and product inventory may be affected by the COVID-19 epidemic situation. We will communicate closely with our warehouse manager in a timely manner, verify the product inventory, evaluate the affected degree of upstream supply, make adjustments and make alternative plans to ensure the stable supply of products.

White barite lump

01-White barite lump-9X MINERALS.png

Ton bag packaging

02-Ton bag packaging-9X MINERALS.png

3. Pay attention to logistics risks and arrange transportation in advance

In some areas affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, traffic recovery is slow. It is one of our important work to contact transport vehicles in advance and organize transport time and route. In addition, we pay close attention to the shipment date, confirm the earliest shipment date and the Latest shipment date, reserve sufficient time for loading, customs declaration, inspection and shipment, and organically combine the whole logistics transportation to reduce the delay caused by logistics.

Barite Loading

03-Barite Loading-9X MINERALS.png

Big sack bag loading

04-Big sack bag loading-9X MINERALS.png

Bulk barite arrived

05-Bulk barite arrived-9X MINERALS.png

Bulk barite loading

06-Bulk barite loading-9X MINERALS.png

The successful delivery of orders from Japan and Spain has improved our ability to handle with risks, and developed the cooperative relationship with our customers, as well as with suppliers, which is of great significance for the delivery of subsequent orders. I hope that the cloud of the COVID-19 epidemic can dissipate as soon as possible and everything will return to normal!


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