Impact of environmental protection policy on barite enterprises in 2018




In 2018, as the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China emerged,and under the high pressure of the green sustainable development environmental policies be launched continuously, many barite mining companies have successively “collapsed”. Related companies will face the situation of survival of the fittest accordingly. On the whole, the barite industry has gradually evolved from a decentralized industrial structure to form a relatively concentrated and reasonable industrial layout. However, compared with developed industries, it still needs further restructuring and market competition,and surviving with its production capacity in the relatively backward enterprises.



On a short view, the environmental protection storms are not "a gust of wind" and it will continue to intensify follow up. In 2018, regarding the environmental protection policy for barite companies, the current market competitiveness is certainly there surely, and it will exist for a long time in the market. However, in the future, the green sustainable development will become the only way for the survival of barite producers. In addition, barium sulfate companies must also prepare for early response according to the price hikes. They should not only actively improve backward production capacity, but also take the road of sustainable development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and also provide their own high-quality products to consumers and use high-quality services makes our consumer satisfactory.


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