HM-PAINT-Barite powder is produced in advanced chemical precipitation method, good physical properties, low mechanical impurity, even fineness; White powder or paste, non-toxic, insoluble in water, soluble in fuming sulphuric acid, stable chemical property; Can absorb X-ray, and endow the materials with high density and surface finish, therefore widely used in paints, printing ink, coatings, plastics, rubber, chips, friction plate, ceramics, glass, etc.

Product  Property

Non qualitative Greyish white powder. Non soluble in water, no toxic, soluble in smoking Sulphuric Acid and slightly soluble in boiling Hydrochloric Acid. Chemical property is stable, it'll reduce to Barium Sulfide when heat with carbon. It will not change color when meeting the hydrogen sulfide or toxic gas in the air.

Technical Data

Residue Greater than 75 micron % 0.03
Cd(Cadmium) 3 PPM
Ignition Loss % 0.80
Specific Gravity(g/cm3) 4.25
BaSO4 % 96.00min
Fe2O3 % 0.04
Hg (Mercury) 1 PPM
Water soluble salts % 0.20
Ph Value 8
Brightness % 90
Oil Absorption (g/100g) 9
Whiteness% 80
SiO2% 0.9


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