Our Major Shareholders


9X Minerals' major shareholders are Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co Ltd, Techgart (Beijing) Engineering Co Ltd, Chengdu X-Orange Tech Co Ltd.

Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co Ltd (hereafter, “HOT”), website: www.hot-mining.com

HOT is a leading provider of mining, mineral processing and infrastructure to the resources industry. We provide engineering design, equipment supply, project delivery and operations services for coal, iron ore, copper, gold, zinc, silver and other base metals. HOT has already established branch or office in Australia, Zambia, Chile and Guatemala. And HOT is planning to set up a branch in Pakistan soon.

As a major global mining engineering company, HOT provides a unique insight into global commodity demand. The relationship allows HOT to draw upon networks and extensive distribution and marketing channels in global industrial minerals market.

Surely, HOT is the exclusive export business partner of 9X Minerals. All other distributors will sign contract with HOT directly.

Techgart (Beijing) Engineering Co Ltd (hereafter, “Techgart”), website: www.techgart.com

Techgart is the TOP 3 engineering company of coal washing business worldwide; the total coal washing capacity is more than 450 million ton per annual which is designed and delivered by Techgart. The average annual sale is more than 3.5 billion CNY. Basis on its strong sales performance, Techgart is the major fund sponsor of 3 private equities, and raised a total of RMB 4.5 billion fund for the primary mining companies and innovations.

The stability, size and insights of Techgart provide a competitive advantage for our company.

In an industry where lead times can extend for years and even decades, Techgart brings a solid financial foundation, balance sheet flexibility, access to many other Chinese financial institutions and a long-term investment view.

And, as a significant innovative company, Chengdu X-Orange Tech Co Ltd brings the benefit of technical skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Above all, it is a relationship based on trust and confidence. Our international leadership team has the delegated authority from its Board to manage day-to-day operations in line with best practice.