Project Progress of Lijiashan Barite Mine Construction



We will do daily updates of our barite mine construction here. Please keep following our barite project.



Feb 28 2019

Construction Ceremony

Mar 19 2019

Blasting for Industrial square construction

Apr 3 2019

1. Preparations for road leveling and road leveling in dump site are completed;

2. Stone blasting is completed twice;

3. Stone excavation and shipment are completed at about 2000 m3;

4. The fortress along one side of the road is built at 15 meters, and the amount of work completed is about 76m3.

Apr 4 2019

1. The excavator crushes the fortress stone 10 m3; 2. Drilling 70 m holes.

Apr 5 2019

1. Treating the foundation of the fort and the bulkhead is 10 meters long; 2. Completing the excavation and transportation of 750 m3, and completing 2750 m3 accumulatively.

Apr 6 2019

1. Stone excavation and shipment were completed at 1500 m3, with a total of 4250 m3 completed.

Apr 7 2019

1. Complete the excavation and transportation of 400 m3, and accomplish 4650 m3; 2. Complete the third rock blasting.



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