Many raw materials such as barium sulfate will soon have another round of price rises by the end of the year

It is understood that the mines in many areas have been discontinued and stopped due to the recent comprehensive inspection of mining enterprises. Mining shutdowns, with limited supply of raw materials, it is expected that may be a phenomenon of the money can not buy goods in the near future. Even if the mine is qualified for mining,as mining qualification hard-won,the production cost of various aspects will be greatly improved, and significantly enhance the related raw materials are also expected. Therefore, in the absence of reducing downstream demand, raw materials such as titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, talcum powder and other price will open a new round of rising.


(1)Tight supervision of mining exploitation

On October 20 not long ago,To implement the reform of the government to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, further improve the management of the examination and approval of mineral resources exploitation.The Ministry of Land and Resources has formulated the Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Improving the Registration and Management of Mineral Resources Exploitation and Management (hereinafter the Circular), and it proposes and improves the management of the delimitation of mining areas. The so-called mining area refers to the area available for mining Resource range, distribution of well engineering facilities or the scope of open-air stripping three-dimensional space area. According to the notice, the exploration right person shall apply to the registration authority for the demarcation of the mining area.

As the notice, the mine should be closed in accordance with national industrial policy or mineral resources planning; Where the mining area is prohibited by the relevant provisions of the state; Mining right by the competent department of land and resources seize and initiate an investigation,the court seals the seizure, or the public security, auditing, taxation, the procuratorial organs such as notice shall not transfer the change of five kinds of situations, the "notice" provisions shall not handle the transfer of the change registration. 

The Notice requirements, the registration authority should regularly clean the expired mining rights, and did not apply for a renewal within the validity of the mining license expired for 6 months or more, the registration authority in the portal site publicity 15 working days without notice, it should be announced Abolished. According to the Notice, mining rights are shut down and announced by the people's government at or above the county level due to ecological protection, safety production, public interest and industrial policies during the validity period, and the decision shall be made by the people's government at or above the county level to the mining right registration authority Log off the application, the registration authority to cancel the mining permit.Where the mining authority is issued at the county level, it shall be revoked by the county registration authorities in accordance with the closure notice. 

This "notice" makes mine mining more and more difficult, the mining area is limited, the mining right of the case cannot be transferred, and the mining right of environmental violation is to be written off. Due to this series of provisions , the current rate of mine exploitation is low.


(2)Manufacturers dependent on mines will be affected 

The supervision and control of mining rights is not only affecting the mine enterprise itself, but also the upstream and downstream production enterprises which depend on mine.As the core areas of barite mining,Guangxi,Hubei and Guizhou have always been the major areas for supply of barite.The suspension of production will lead to the reduction of output and the supply shortage will accelerate.

Similarly, barium sulfate, as a raw material for coatings will be affected by the market demand and supply, and the price will also soar.

China spend money to learn HOW to invest in international mining


(Steven) Heng Huang

Director of HOT Mining, Member of AusIMM, Senior Engineer (Mining & Process)


(Luke) Ke Jiao

Mining Engineer, Chief Rep. Of HOT Mining Pakistani Joint Venture

For a long time, Chinese mining companies or investers are considered rich but fool. Until recently, we could still hear some jokes from mining brokers. “ This mine has large reserves with high grade ore. It can be converted into gold XX tons...” Yes, until today, those completely unreliable guys are still active in the mining rights trading market.

Everytime I heard this bullshit, I always want to ask: “Hi dude, could you please read more books before you intend to bamboozle others?”

This is just what happens in the China. How about international? In recent years, HOT has also done many international mining projects. Consequently, I've seen a lot of people with modified overseas resources projects to seek cooperation or financing. They are blind and impatient. They totally do not analyze clients’ demand and intentions. They just want to sell the mining right as soon as possible, just like selling a house or a car. According to their way of work, you can image the quality of their projects.

One obvious fact is that the main target of these brokers is the investors from China. Probably, in the eyes of the mining rights traders all over the world, all Chinese mining investors are blockhead.

Deceptions are everywhere, no matter huge projects or small projects. It is not uncommon that data is modified to deceive investors or great plan is promised, which is actually cannot be achieved. There is no doubt that these projects are going to fail. But what if the projects are very good and they are all located in developed countries which have mature laws and regulations such as Australia and Canada, are these projects definitely going to be profitable?

Absolutely not.

I Have participated in a technical upgrade review work for a coal mine and coal preparation plant project in Australia. Strictly speaking, this project is a very good investment target. It is located in the mature mining area in Queensland. Its infrastructure is perfect and do not need to worry about water supply, electricity supply and transportation problems. It have great living conditions. It has very large reserves of coking coal. Its mining conditions are very good, and has been small-scale production for more than ten years. There is a coal preparation plant for this coal mine, and there is a special railway line that can transport products directly to the port. Because this project is already in operation, it is not difficult to update the environmental impact assessment and mining certificate renewal. Investors bought the vast tracts of land and pastures above the mineral rights in advance. Therefore the potential risks of conflict with local residents are solved.

From the perspective of Chinese investors, this project is “Extremely perfect”. However, Investors are still suffering from serious losses.

What is the reason?

The reason is the location of this project. Yes, the reason is Australia, the place is considered that laws and regulations are perfect, and invest here is very safe.

The more perfect laws and regulations are, the more difficult it is for Chinese companies to work in the "Chinese way". To some extent, these various rules bring heavy burdens to the investment and development of Chinese companies.

First of all, Chinese companies are unable to send Chinese engineers and technical workers to Australia because of visa problem. Most Chinese employees can not apply for Australian working visa due to the strict Australian approval system. Therefore, hiring local engineers and miners is the only option. The problem is employment. It is a difficult to employ miners in Australia. For a underground mine, the situation is worse. During the several years from project preparation to project implementation, the overall experience of the chief engineer in charge is confined to the open pit mining. Even It's difficult to employ a chief engineer, and you can imagine what's going to happen for this project.

Besides, the engineer team also has problems. For example, due to the stubborn and arrogance of Australians, it is difficult for Chinese shareholders to get involved in decision making. For example, in Australia, miners can directly refuse to use if they feel the equipment has potential safety hazard, etc. Because of those, any partner and technical expert from China can not really provide valueable and experienced advice. They can not work well with local employees. They are more like two separate operating systems.

Without considering the factors of the mine itself, the greatest risk of mining investment comes from the people involved in mine development and management. In this project, the management structure is unreasonable. In addition, the leading Australian chief engineer chose the longwall mining technology that was not suitable for this coal mine. Actually, the Chinese engineers have already pointed out that there are a lot of faults in the mining area, and room and pillar method is more suitable for this project. However, this proposal was not considered at all. And about duration of this project (Seriously affect the payback period of investment calculation), although Chinese experts have repeatedly reminded the plan in Australia is impossible to complete, this Australian chief engineer still believed it can be finished on time. As a result, the whole project has been postponed again and again. About work-face Sequence plan, these open pit mining experts did not consider the efficiency of equipment transportation and prevention of accidents. So, it is consume a lot of time to fix this problem when the accident happened. Eventually, the best time in the market was missed. Something like this has happened again and again and again...

Something else happened later and I will not talk about it. Overall, if this project is in China, Indonesia or any developing country, then Chinese companies can develop and manage this project in the "Chinese way". And I am pretty sure it is a very profitable coking coal project. What a pity!

Conclusion: Is it safe to invest in Australia, Canada and other countries with improved laws and regulations? The answer is not that simple. Instead, opportunities exist in countries people think it is a mess, the countries do not follow the rules, or even the countries where the mining laws are immature(most African countries for example). In there, you can develop and manage a project with low cost. You can make a profit. Even if one day the local government no longer support your production for a variety of reason, it does not matter. Just quit because you have made a lot of money.

There are two extremes in China's mining investment. The one are speculators. They keep buying and selling mining rights and earn the difference. The others are dreamers. They think about big strategies, but they don't care about details.

There are no right or wrong for these two extremes. Whether it can make money depends on business level and a little bit luck.

“Cross the river by tossing stones.”

”It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.”

Now think about these two sentences, and I found they are very philosophical. The same is true for mining investment. The mining investors and companies may develop the project and make money with low cost as first, and then seek long-term development opportunities. Probably, for the most mining company which want to develop good project, this is a better choice.


Is barium sulfate able to prevent radiation? The answer is: yes
Barium sulfate is widely used, and the most important of which is used to prepare ray shielding materials, it is the main component of barite barium sulfate can effectively shield ray, The safety of nuclear radiation has been the key to further development. Since the birth of nuclear technology has been rapid development in nuclear power, military, education, scientific research and medical and other fields, but the security is still an inevitable problem.As we know, the ordinary shielding materials, such as cement-based shielding material with low price, wide range of raw materials, easy construction and other characteristics,it is the most widely used ray protection materials currently. But the ordinary cement shield also has been its drawbacks with poor effect, high cost.

Barium sulfate radiation mortar can effectively shield radiation . The material is composed of cement-based cementitious materials, heavy aggregate and additives, with water after mixing a little auxiliary construction of nuclear anti-materials.It has a good ray shielding performance, mechanical properties and construction performance, in addition ,barium sulfate radiation mortar also has good water resistance and alkali corrosion characteristics.Because of these characteristics, the development of such materials have been taken seriously. However,high-density radiation-resistant mortar is prone to stratification, segregation and sagging, which is a common problem with such materials.

Barium sulfate is prepared by adding a binder material, aggregate, admixture and water to prepare mortar to be in line with barium sulfate radiation protection mortar. Wherein the aggregate consists of barium sulfate sand, quartz sand and barium sulfate powder; the admixture comprises a superplasticizer, a water retaining agent, an antifoaming agent and a dispersible latex powder. The mass ratio of each component is 23.8 ~ 30% of the total mass, 38.2 ~ 69.23% of the total aggregate, 0 ~ 31% of the total aggregate and 0.39% of the total mass, 1.16%.The barium sulfate radiation prepared by the above method has good mechanical properties, water resistance and construction performance, and has good shielding effect on γ-ray. At the same time, it has been proved by experiments that the construction performance has been solved well, and it has good shielding performance, mechanical properties and waterproof performance. By optimizing the composition can obtain a barium sulfate composites with highly shielded ray, but also broaden the application of barium sulfate, which make barium sulfate better protect human safety
What is barium sulfate powder coating?

Barium sulfate powder coating is a new solvent-free with 100% solid powder coating. It has two broad categories: thermoplastic powder coatings and thermosetting powder coatings. Paint is formed by the special resin, pigments and fillers, curing agents and other additives, in a certain proportion of mixing, and then hot extrusion and crushing and other processes prepared. They are at room temperature with stable storage, by electrostatic spraying or fluidized bed dip coating, and then heated baking melt curing, so that the formation of flat and bright permanent coating, to achieve the purpose of decoration and corrosion.

The characteristics of barium sulfate powder coating:


The product is non-toxic, solvent-free and non-volatile toxic substances, so no poisoning, no fire, no "three wastes" emissions and other pollution problems, in full compliance with national environmental law requirements


High utilization of raw materials, over-spray powder can be recycled, the utilization rate can reach 99% or more


After the coating pretreatment, one-time construction, without primer, you can get a sufficient thickness of the coating, easy to achieve automated operation, high production efficiency, and can reduce costs


Coating density, adhesion, impact strength and toughness are good, high corners coverage, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation properties.


Powder coating easy storage, transportation safety and convenience.

Barium sulfate is the standard for measuring whiteness; barium carbonate is an important raw material for optical glass, which introduces BaO into the glass, thereby increasing the refractive index of the glass and improving other optical properties; used in ceramics to prepare glaze; Barium is an agricultural pesticide; barium nitrate used in fireworks and glass industry; barium permanganate is a green pigment. Precipitated barium sulfate is increasingly equipped with the characteristics of additives. In the production of special precipitation of barium sulfate, the key technologies such as precipitation, physical or chemical secondary treatment are adjusted to achieve the desired, from about a few tenths of a micron to a nanoparticle size distribution, to obtain an inorganic coating or Decentralized.

Barium sulfate in the soluble barium salt such as barium chloride added barium sulfate solution, the resulting precipitate washed, filtered, dried, crushed, sieved into a product. Precipitated barium sulfate is fine and delicate, with high whiteness, acid, alkali, light, heat and chemical properties.Precipitated barium sulfate density of 4.35 g / cm3, oil absorption of 10 to 15%, the refractive index of 1.64. Made of powder coating film high gloss, good leveling, powder coating is currently the largest amount of varieties. Precipitated barium sulfate particle size is small and uniform, good fluidity, generally used for more high-grade powder coating products.

Barite powder is also called natural barium sulfate, natural barite ore by crushing, washing, drying, screening and become a product. The purity of natural products is relatively low, between 85 ~ 95%, the density is 4.47 g / cm3, the refractive index is 1.64, the oil absorption is 6 ~ 12%, the particle size distribution is wide and can be used for low cost powder coating.There are also powder manufacturers with higher fineness of barium sulfate instead of precipitated barium sulfate for powder coatings in the natural barium sulfate if the particle size of about 3000 mesh, but also can replace part of the precipitation of barium sulfate. So that the powder coating to achieve the requirements of the various indicators, but also greatly reduce the cost of raw materials.

Method for detecting barium sulfate in barite
Barite is widely used in industry, generally to determine the content of barium sulfate to indicate its purity, but it is usually associated with strontium, lead, silver sulfate. The traditional method of barite analysis, because of its difficulty in separating, which is easy to make the measurement result high. The step of measuring the barium sulfate content

1. Impurity removal process of soluble sulfate, barium carbonate and sulfide

Weighing 0.5000g sample in 50mL High type beaker, add $number hydrochloric acid solution 10mL, after the low temperature furnace on the micro-boiling 30min, and then add 10% nitric acid solution 10mL to continue to micro-boiling after the 20min, slightly cold after the filter with slow quantitative filter, collect precipitation.

2.Sodium carbonate-zinc oxide semi-melting process to decompose specimen

Transfer the above-mentioned precipitation and filter paper to 30mL porcelain crucible, and after the low temperature is fully ashing in muffle furnace, then increase the temperature to 700 ℃, add 5 grams of sodium carbonate-zinc oxide ($number) mixed solvents, stir evenly, and then cover 2 grams of mixed solvents, into muffle furnace, starting from the low-temperature temperature to 800 ℃, and keep burning 1hour.

3.leaching process of sulfate root in semi-molten matter

Take the crucible out slightly cooler, place in 250mL beaker, add 100mL hot water immersion, wash out the crucible with hot 20% sodium carbonate solution, heat with slow filter paper in 500 ml beaker, then wash and precipitate 6-8 times with hot 20g/l sodium carbonate solution. The funnel is deposited together with the filter paper and transferred to the original beaker for standby

4.The precipitation and determination process of sulfate root

With 50% hydrochloric acid solution and to red and excess 3mL, water to regulate the volume of filtrate to 300mL, boiling to remove carbon dioxide, add 100G/L barium chloride solution 25 ml, evenly stirring 1min after continuing to boil for several minutes, and heat preservation for half an hour, and then static overnight. Filter the precipitation with slow ration filter paper, move it into the 30mL porcelain crucible which is burnt to constant weight before low temperature ashing in 800 ℃ and then weigh after burning to constant weight. The total content of sulfur in barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, lead sulfate and silver sulfate

5.The removal process of sulphate interference of strontium, lead and silver

A 50mL ($number) Hydrochloric acid solution was added to the precipitation collected during leaching of the semi-molten matter, in the low temperature electric furnace, the leachate is transferred to 250mL capacity bottle, and the content of SR, Pb and AG in the solution is detected by icp-oes and converted into each of strontium sulfate, the amount of sulphur in the presence of lead sulfate and silver sulfate, the total content of sulphur in the previous link is deducted from the sulphur content measured in this section, then the sulphur content of barium sulfate in barite and the amount of barium sulfate.
Amazing industrial applications of barite mineral
Barytes is also known as Barium Sulfate, Barites or Barite. It is one of the most amazing mineral which comes with amazing range of industrial applications because of its wonderful chemical properties. It is chemically inert and comes with high density and low oil absorption property. This article unfolds some of these amazing industrial applications of barites which make so popular with different industries. Let us have a quick look at some of the uses of barytes mineral which have been outlined below:


Barites mineral is widely used in plastic industry. It is used as the filling of plastic ABC to create beautiful colorful plastics. It is also very effective in improving the stiffness, intensity and abrasive strength to it thereby making it stronger in strength and beautiful in appearance.


This mineral is also used in the papermaking industry. Because of its clean whiteness, the high-refined barites powder is also used for filling white paperboards and coat paper with it. This improves improve the whiteness of the product and also increases the percentage of coverage thereby giving it a clean white look.


Barytes is a wonderful replacement to expensive materials used in dope and painting. It is an amazing replacement to basofor, crypton, titanium dioxide, activity and monox which are used for filling. It is very effective in controlling the viscosity of the paint. It is also very effective in increasing the stability of the paint and adding more brightness to the paint. It has a clean whiteness which makes it very effective as an extender for primers. It is highly effective in providing chemical resistance to the walls and smoothness to the undercoats thereby promising beautiful and smooth walls. It is also used as heavy inert filler. It is insoluble in water, has high refractive index, has high resistance to acids and alkalies and high bulk density which makes it all the more useful in the paint industry.


If you are looking for saving costs in the rubber industry then you can always use the barites mineral of less than 500 mesh for filling the rubber products. This is very effective in making the product water proof. It also improves the intensity of the product and makes it acid proof and alkali proof. This increases the life of the product thereby making it more durable.


Barytes is also used in pharmaceutical industry. It is used as barium meal material for the intestines and stomach reflections. Another important usage of barites in pharmaceutical industry includes the usage for filling of plaster and dope in order to extend the time limit of the plaster. It is also used in diagnostic medical tests. Barites are also very effective in blocking x-rays and gamma-rays emission.


Barytes is very popular in the cosmetics industry because of its gentle and mild effect on the skin. It is a wonderful substitute to titanium dioxide. It is widely used in the cosmetics. These are different industrial applications of barytes mineral. Surely it is widely used in different industries for different reasons, with each one of them mentioned above。
Barite powder as sand substitution in concrete,Construction and Building Materials

The effect of sand substitution by barite powder on concrete has been examined.

1.Limestone skeleton should be conserved to reduce the compressive strength loss.

2.The use of barite induces a reduction of elasticity modulus around 20%.

3.Replacing sand by barite reduces the tensile strength of concrete to half.

4.Barite powder does not affect the concrete swelling but reduces shrinkage.

5.Barite concrete is a kind of density is larger, the x-ray shielding ability of concrete

Barite (BaSO4) is a mineral commonly used as aggregates to produce heavyweight concrete. The applications concern radiations shielding in hospitals and nuclear facilities. In this work, the use of Tunisian barite powder form in the composition of concrete was investigated, substituting sand partially or totally. Investigation was carried out on five groups of concrete samples with density (2.31–2.48) corresponding to the mass of barite’s percentages ranging from 0% to 25%. The effect of barite ratio on the physical and mechanical properties such as compressive strength, tensile strength, density, shrinkage, swelling, and elastic modulus have been measured and compared to ordinary concrete as a control. Although the tensile strength has been reduced up to 50%, it has been shown that is possible to produce a barite-based concrete with a minor effect on the main mechanical parameters: the compressive strength at 28 days has decreased only by 10% and the elastic modulus at one year of age by 20%. This was possible by conserving the initial limestone skeleton and using barite in size (0–100 μm). The new designed mixture containing barite in powder form can be used for structural concrete.
What is the role of barite in medicine?
Why is this medication prescribed? Barium sulfate is used to help doctors examine the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth and stomach), stomach, and intestine using x-rays or computed tomography (CAT scan, CT scan; a type of body scan that uses a computer to put together x-ray images to create cross-sectional or three dimensional pictures of the inside of the body). Barium sulfate is in a class of medications called radiopaque contrast media. It works by coating the esophagus, stomach, or intestine with a material that is not absorbed into the body so that diseased or damaged areas can be clearly seen by x-ray examination or CT scan. How should this medicine be used? Barium sulfate comes as a powder to be mixed with water, a suspension (liquid), a paste, and a tablet. The powder and water mixture and the suspension may be taken by mouth or may be given as an enema (liquid that is instilled into the rectum), and the paste and tablet are taken by mouth. Barium sulfate is usually taken one or more times before an x-ray examination or CT scan. If you are using a barium sulfate enema, the enema will be administered by medical staff at the testing center. If you are taking barium sulfate by mouth, you may be given the medication after you arrive at the testing center or you may be given the medication to take at home at specific times the night before and/or the day of your test. If you are taking barium sulfate at home, take it exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often or at different times than directed. Swallow the tablets whole; do not split, chew, or crush them. Shake the liquid well before each use to mix the medication evenly. If you are given a powder to mix with water and take at home, be sure that you are also given directions for mixing and that you understand these directions. Ask your doctor or the staff at the testing center if you have any questions about mixing your medication You will be given specific directions to follow before and after your test. You may be told to drink only clear liquids after a certain time the day before your test, not to eat or drink after a specific time, and/or to use laxatives or enemas before your test. You may also be told to use laxatives to clear the barium sulfate from your body after your test. Be sure that you understand these directions and follow them carefully. Ask your doctor or the staff at the testing center if you are not given directions or if you have any questions about the directions you are given.
The preparation method of barite weighting agent for bentonite drilling mud
The preparation method belongs to the LPG(petroleum and natural gas)drilling with high weighting use characteristic of preparation process. The aim is to improve its aggravating properties by reducing the inhibition of barite. The surface modification of the barite was carried out by treating the barite in turn with ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid disodium salt and aluminum lignosulfonate. The amount of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt is from 0.025 to 0.150% and the amount of the lignin sulfonate is 0.18 to 0.20% of the barite content. When these two agents are co-treated, a composite hydrophobic layer is formed on the surface of the barite to change the surface electrical properties of the weighting agent, resulting in alienation of the particles, thereby preventing the drilling mud structure from solidifying and significantly reducing the barite Thickening. This ensures that a large amount of weighting agent is added to the drilling mud at the required level while maintaining structural first-class denaturation. The lignin sulfonate is prepared in the following manner: 250 g of sulfuric acid and dyestuff containing 40% dry material was mixed with 75 ml of an aqueous solution of aluminum sulfonate (containing 20 g of sulphonic acid). The mixture was allowed to stand for 2 hours, filtered, and the filtrate was poured into calcium sulfate slag. The pH of the filtrate was 0.95-7.10 by adding sodium hydroxide, the specific gravity of the prepared lignin sulfonate solution was 1.13-1.15 g / cm3, Is 23-45 mPa / s. The resulting solution is evaporated to dryness by steam, and the resulting powdery product is prepared and can be used as a modifier for barite.
Barium sulfate as filler in plastics

What is barium sulfate? Barium sulfate,as X-ray double contrast agent.The high density gastrointestinal contrast agent can be made into different proportional suspensions, but it is usually used with low density gas to achieve double contrast. Commonly used in digestive tract radiography, according to domestic users reported that the thickness of barium sulfate, better than fine and uniform barium sulfate. For intestinal fistula formation and prone to perforation of certain intestinal diseases, such as appendicitis, diverticulum, ulcerative enteritis, parasitic infections. Barium sulfate be used as filler in the industrial production of plastic. Barium sulfate unique excellent performance, so that it is widely used in plastic products and as one of the new functional modification materials. Barium sulfate has the characteristics of improving the chemical corrosion resistance, heat tolerance and product appearance of the plastic products. Barium sulfate can be used for pp. Abs. Pa. Pet and other resin production of home appliances shell, mechanical parts, automotive parts, air-conditioning panels, electric kettle shell and so on. Barium sulfate can also increase the proportion of plastic products, improve the wear resistance of plastics, anti-aging, improve the luminous effect, and expand the application of plastic products. The characteristics of barium sulfate in plastics The natural ore (barite) is made of barite powder (also called heavy barium sulfate) after crushing, washing and drying, and is white or gray powder, with a density of 4.3~4.6g/cm3. Barite heated to 1100 Shan reduction to produce soluble barium sulfide, and then the role of sulfuric acid or sodium sulfate precipitated barium sulfate (also known as light barium sulfate), fine particle size, whiteness can up to 92 degrees above. Barium sulfate has many characteristics with large proportion, good luster, good thermal stability and excellent processing performance and so on.
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