Dejiang County is located in the northeast of Guizhou Province, Tongren city West, in the mountains of Lou Shan and Wuling hinterland. There is a river, called Yuxi River, the river is not too wide, water is not too urgent, but limpid River flows Thousands of years, wash away how many historical dust, precipitates how many beautiful Memory. There is a mountain, called Zhongdin hill, located in eastern corner. The mountain is not too strange, mountain roads are not too precipitous, but it is a tall and straight mountain, just like a never say defeated Giants, hardened vicissitudes of life. Dejiang resources is rich, having a good development prospects, the development potential of a huge "sunshine zone." There are many kinds of mineral resources in the county, high grade, large reserves, mainly coal, iron, sulphur Iron, fluorite, barite. Agricultural development advantages is huge, county crops are mainly rice, corn, wheat, potatoes and flue-cured tobacco, rape, citrus, konjac, pear, peach and so on, products are exported to overseas. Aim to exploit mineral resources. In in this beautiful place, 9X has been ready to prepare, although the company set up time is not long, but main major shareholders are the leader within industry, we have a strong sense of social responsibility, so including mining land reclamation, goaf support and so on, all the waste water, and waste residue is not emissions, face to the environment and ecology of ZERO pollution, ZERO damage.