Drilling grade barite

Do drilling mud with barium sulfate general fineness to achieve more than 325 mesh, such as barium sulfate fineness is not prone to precipitation. Drilling mud with barite for weighting is greater than 4.2, BaSO4 content not less than 90%, less than 1% soluble salts .It can satisfy API standard

Chemical grade barite

The particle size of Barium sulfate and the film thickness are perfectly matched. The barite powder which be used in chemical industry contains a 95.0%high purity of barium sulfate and the whiteness not less than 90%.

Paint Grade Barite

Brake Linings Brake Pad Grade


9X Minerals LLC, Barite Powder manufacturer & supplier in China, offering China HOT Oil Grade API Standard Barite Powder, is a leading provider of the natural barium sulfate(barite powder) , mineral processing and producing. HOT is a professional one-stop-shop of mining industry, has already established branch or office in India, Iran, Chile and Turkey and plans to set up a branch in Brisbane soon.


9X Minerals LLC focus on engaged in exporting barite of Drilling grade and Chemical grade, can produced barite powder for 300.000 ton per annum from our own barite mine.

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